Wednesday, October 27, 2010

30 Days of Truth | Day Five

I know, I'm bad.
I didn't do mine for yesterday!
I actually fell asleep while I was writing it.. So I'll double up today.
Today's topic: "Something you hope to do in life"
the answer:
I hope to have a long, happy, successful marriage.
I want to truly love someone with all my heart for a life time.
I come from a family of failed marriages, relationships.. everything.
I personally have never met my father.
My mother ended a ten year marriage after years of emotional abuse & dishonesty.
I remember having one of my relatives telling me "Men cant be faithful. They will ALWAYS cheat".
That stuck in my head & scared me away from relationships for so long.
But now that I'm older & I realize those are just words of a bitter old lady.
But still, I have personally witnessed so much cheating & lies...
I feel sorry for my future husband.. cause I do have issues that will not be easily dealt with..
But I want a guy that WILL deal with them..
A guy that will prove to me that they are not all the same.
Some one that will honor me, cherish me & be faithful to me..
& someone I will do the same for,
because I know its a two way street.

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