Monday, September 27, 2010

The Move = Over.. Almost.

Got Internet back today!
Back to the blogging World!

We are all packed & unpacked.
Haha Just joking!
My mom is,
I haven't quite gotten to the 'unpacking' part.
My room is full of boxes.
The only thing that isn't is my TV, bedding, clothes, & bathroom stuff.
I know you're probably like 'Well what else do you have?'. Yeah.. I don't exactly know... That's why I haven't bothered to worry about tons of boxes surrounded me.

Harley is adjusting nicely!
Besides the fact that he tried to jump off our second story balcony..
No I take that back he DID jump off our second story balcony.
Thanks to an amazing friend who grabbed his leash at the last second & thanks to God that his neck didn't brake & he wasn't strangled to death in the few seconds it took to pull him to safety!?
I now view him as suicidal, my moms friend says his nickname is 'Suicide' & we had to put this tacky wire fence on our balcony to insure his safety. *sigh*

Last night a cold front came in & today's weather was 'lovely' according to everyone else.
I'm not quite in the mood for amazing, chill, non-humid, anti-pool/ beach weather yet.
I don't know why, seeing how I hate Texas Summers but I'm just not looking forward to it going this year. But by mid-day I took my book & sat outside in the pretty weather with the cool breeze for a bit. It was nice, I wont deny. It made me dream of a future in a small, old fashion, southern town. Sitting on my front porch swing, emerged in a good book. Which someday I WILL happen.

This the only thing close to decoration I've put up so far.
My gorgeous pirate flag.
I don't think this is its permit place but for now, my bathroom is the 'pirate room'.

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