Friday, August 13, 2010

What do you wish for?

- I wish I didn't brake electronics so easily... My computer, the thing transfers my pictures from my camera to the computer, my phone charger (I went through 10 phone chargers with my last phone), & now the dumb 'N' letter on the keyboard is almost impossible to press.

- I wish I didn't forget/ leave things places. (my crocheting needle this time..)

- I wish I wasn't on a different time zone as the one person I really want to talk to right now. Stupid military... (I say that out of anger of course, I don't mean it)

-I wish I was at the beach right now watching the sunset. I think it should be a law to live this close to the Ocean & to not have been all Summer. But its just no fun alone, ya know?

- I wish Harley would come & stay in my room. I cant have him running around the house doing God knows what with all these people at our house right now! Its a disaster waiting to happen.

- I wish Monday would come already. I cant wait to go back to work.

- I wish I was at the movies watching 'Eat Pray Love'.

I wish I was a better blogger.

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