Monday, July 26, 2010

obnoxiously long post about my morning

That is Maggie there with Harley.
She was the owners of this houses dog, then they moved to Florida & couldn't take her with them. So, she kind of came with the house. I always joke that this is Maggie's house, we just live in it.
Anyways these two are so cute!
Except when they "play" (A.K.A. bark & chase each other loudly) while you are trying to watch a movie. -_-
But anyways,
this post is not about the cutie puppies.
I kind of love my mom.
I mean, don't get me wrong,
she drives me crazy worse than anyone!
I hate when she texts while I'm trying to have a conversation with her!
I hate how she texts when she is driving (a.k.a. tries to murder us)
I hate how she texts while we are watching a movie & then asks what happened in the last thirty minutes cause she wasn't paying attention.
wow.. textie textie text, I sound like I' m talking about my teenage daughter or something.. maybe we should switch roles.
When she puts her phone down
like when... i dunno...
I come into her room at 2am crying my eyes out about how emotionally draining my life is (which... I actually cant remember a time when my life hasn't been emotionally draining in the last three years... It just seems to be getting worse with age :S)
She will hold me & tell me things that I not always believe is a hundred percent true but always makes me feel better.
So cheers to moms!
I salute you for turning my tears into smiles and for your hugs and forehead kisses!
As I always do when I stay up till 5am or beyond I went with my mom to go grab breakfast then she dropped me off at the house and ran to work.
This is one ritual I do enjoy & will miss whenever I'm old & move out :(
This is the view from my window this morning..
This day is suppose to promise a storm & there has been lightening all morning,
but I'm starting to see... sunshine... yuck hehe :)
So now that its more near not just 'early morning' hours but 'morning' hours, I think I may try to go to sleep. I do have work tonight.
I think I will fall asleep watching 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang'.
I do adore this movie!
Every song is genius!
& If I do say so myself Dick Van Dyke is a hottie!
I would have SO married him!
& he has definitely aged well!
(p.s. & yes I'm one of those people that have the old 'Dick Van Dyke Show' on DVD. What can I say!)
{this is one of my favorite songs below! Ugh! LOVE!}
Up from the ashes grow the roses of success,

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