Monday, July 26, 2010

I cant think of anything original so I'll call this an 'Update'

Fruit Cleanse:
My three day fruit cleanse lasted two and 1/3 of a day.
my mom brought me home cheese sticks..
I couldn't refuse!
I am disappointed in myself & plan on trying again when my life gets more stable
Latest book:
I FINALLY (after about three months) finished 'The Wedding'.
It is Nicholas Sparks follow up book for 'The Notebook'
even though I don't even like saying that cause, ugh!
was so slow, and repetitive and I'm positive there are at least 200 pages of nothing in there!
But I will admit I like the twist at the end.
The book was.. cute.
For a new book.
I tried to finish Nights in Rodanthe but it brings back too many memories of my recent struggles.
I think I'm going to read 'The Guardian' next.
My week consisted of:
Catching up with old friends.
Cleaning my room.. finally.
Laying in bed.
Laying in bed A LOT!
Watching old movies.
Writing (barely. For the first time in my life I have writers block).
Its been fun but I'm so stir-crazy!
Excited to go back to work tomorrow!

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