Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Over here!
I know I disappeared!
I was just had my grandparents house & decided to kick back and read a couple of books.
I finished "A Walk to Remember" (in one day), and "Wokini" (literally changed my life).
It was peaceful and realizing but now I am back home.
I got home yesterday (my grandmother drove me home. Long car drive from her house in Oklahoma).
After being on the road since 6am
I got home & me and my grandmother had to start pack stuff up immediately!
Ya see, I'm moving.
We moved last year at this time,
and I think the year before too.
I'm SICK of moving!
And I love how we always end up moving in the Summer!
So anyways,
my grandmother is staying in town till Friday to help us move.
We have to be moved out by the first of the month.
So I didn't have a second of down time.
After putting things in boxes my mother got home and we had to load everything in the car and take it over to our new house (did I mention our apartment is upstairs, and we have to move all our stuff upstairs in the new house... no fun at all)
We got back to our apartment were I had rush and take a shower, do my make up and hair and of course get dressed to go meet my new boss,
Who was lovely!
I'm really excited about my new job.
Oh did I forget to mention that?
I not only came home to moving, but also a job!
I found it while I was out of town.
I'm going to be a nanny for a really nice family and I cant wait.
Oh and I also came home to studying full time.
I have to take my GED by the first of July.
I want to start college a year early and I just want to get High School over with.
Especially since I'm Home Schooled.
A lot of the times doing my work just feels like a waste of time.
So I am moving, starting a job, and studying full time.
AND my grandmother is in town..
Busy, Busy, Busy


Sarah said...

Good luck with the move!

Candid Phobic said...

Hey, nice to hear from you again. And congratulations on your new job :-)