Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mary-Kate and Ashley

I grew up on Full House
I read all there books,
There posters hung on my wall,
I watched there show "Two of a Kind" when they were little and there show "So Little Time" when they grew up.
I watched there animated show "Mary-Kate and Ashley in Action".
I own every one of there movies,
I was addicted to there mystery books/ movies,
When there clothing line came out at Walmart with they were young,
I owned almost every piece.
I really don't think there is a movie, interview, or TV episode that they were in that I haven't seen
(I just checked imdb, there isn't)

I was obsessed!

Its crazy how we fall in and out of love with celebrities.
Now I don't hear much about the Olsens,
nor do I obsess over there website to see where there are going to be, what there going to be doing, when there next movie, TV show, clothing line, ect.
comes out.
I think they grew into amazing style icons!

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