Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Keep Austin Weird {Day One: Friday}

I know my last blog I was aggravated about having to pack but I didn't say where I was going.
I went on a mother, daughter trip to Austin Texas with my mom, best friend and her mom.
It was an exciting trip... very interesting.
We went to see "The Phantom of the Opera" since we missed it when it came to Houston,
so when we found out it was coming to Austin we said "ROADTRIP!".

Above is my dress for Phantom. Its floor length, I wish I would've gotten a better picture of it.

We hit the road early (well.. eleven is early for us) and took Harley to the kennel/ boarding place which was terribly sad and traumatic.

He had never been away from me for more than a few hours! He is like my child! But I had to do it… Turns out this man was checking in his female yorkshire terrier at the same time and Harley was a bit more interested in her than me leaving him. That’s my baby boy!

The road part of the trip went by really fast.
We stopped at this hole in the wall gas station for a yummy veggie pizza (my mouth is watering just thinking about it)
Austin is the biggest party/ college town ever! It was an intense experience.
We finally got to our hotel and got dressed and went to the show. It was good.
We all enjoyed it.
Then went to get the car and Peri (my best friend, Rachel's, mother) put the car into reverse TWICE when we were trying to go forward and almost took out a bush.
It was pretty scary.
There were close to a hundred people standing around us laughing.
Then we tried to find something to eat. There were gangsters and partiers EVERYWHERE!
Traffic was terrible it took us two hours to find the restaurant we wanted to go to (although we got lost a couple of times and flagged down by these total creepers trying to hit on us. I laughed at them, Rach wanted to beat them up. It was pretty funny)
and then we had to wait thirty minutes to get a table.
On the way to the restaurant we seriously witnessed a police chase.
There was a car right in front of us, kinda in a T-bone position and there were cops on bikes checking all the cars for drunk drivers and when one of the cops tried to shine his flash light in the car the car sped off and almost took out one of the cops.
But the guy in the car was completely stupid because there was a cop car DIRECTLY behind him, he only made it like a block. It was funny though.
When we got to the restaurant we were so hungry and tired I think we were like half drunk or high or something because we were laughing at everything and everyone and just acting crazy.
But it was fun. Anyways after that we went back to the hotel ate a huge piece of chocolate cake and then me and Rach snuck downstairs and attempted to work out.
We finally went to sleep around five am.

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Candid Phobic said...

roadtrips are fun! i like this outfit, very nice dress :-)