Sunday, March 7, 2010


Today I feel like doing my nails.
Nothing feels crappier than reading a book and every time you turn a page noticing your broken, unpainted, and unfilled nails.
At least for me.
My favorite color to paint my nails is this aqua blue color I have.
Its my favorite shade of blue, fun and funky, and it matches my phone.

Speaking of reading,
I finished reading "The Lucky One".
Not my favorite Nicholas Sparks but pretty good.
It makes you think it is going to have the worst ending ever!
But turns out to be really good.

... I need to join a book club, or start one of my own.
{image via weheartit}

1 comment:

Tay said...

Oh your nails are So cute!
One of the cutest blogs ever!!

Tay, from fearless Blog & fearless photgraphy! :)