Saturday, March 6, 2010


Sometimes I just feel like talking and talking until my words aren't apart of me anymore,
they are apart of the air
and suddenly they are not my problem and I am free.

I pride myself on being a good listener and being good at giving advice, when it is needed.
But what happens when the listener needs to be listened to?
And I love my friends for there... naive-ness, but it isn't fun when no one understands what you are feeling.
And then when you finally do find someone you think understands and you let them spill about whats going wrong with them and you finally feel the freedom to let go, and say all the things you've kept inside...
and they just ignore you, as if they don't understand what your say, as if its some foreign language.
I just want to find one person who will listen to my ramblings and not expect anything in return, and actually understand what I feel.

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