Monday, March 29, 2010

Beautiful Blog Award

So today was lovely... Very.
But everyday is lovely when you get an award for something you do for fun.
Today I got the "Beautiful Blog Award" that was giving to me but I Ella at one of my blog vices Reve De La Mode
I am suppose to write seven random things and then tag seven others to do the same.
I actually enjoy working out
{and sometimes I talk about water as if its ice cream... I'm strange}
One of the main reasons I wanted a dog was because I hate sleeping alone,
Thankful I got a dog who is the perfect cuddle buddy.
If I drink water that's room temperature I always seem to spill it on myself,
I don't understand it.
I dated someone who went to jail. Granted it was for a unpayed ticket and only twenty four hours.
I pick on people for playing games like "farmville" and such.
I think people who can spend hours on those games are crazy...
but I have a confession.
I'm addicted to sorority life on Facebook
It started out simply as something to do when I was waiting for someone to write me back and now I'm on level 112 and I sound like one of those guys addicted to World of Warcraft or such and scream at the computer when someone steals something from me or something on the game...
I also don't post things about it on my facebook page so no one knows..
How embarrassing.
But I still refuse to waste hours on it,
mainly because I've gotten really good of updating it in 5 minutes :)
I sleep with one blanket,
every night.
I just slip it under my own comforter,
hotel comforter,
or friends comforter.
Even if I'm half asleep and move to another room or bed,
I never forget my blankie.
Its not just because I'm some kind of freak.
Someone very dear gave it to me,
I like to keep it close to remind me that they are okay and to remind me to pray for them every night.
The best feeling is logging into blogger and seeing comments or new followers.
Are you guys here for me?
How sweet! :)
Now I get to tag other blogs.
So here I go.


JMay said...

Thanks lovely!!! You're too sweet.

Amber said...

Aww! Thanks! How sweet :)

Candid Phobic said...

hi, thanks so much for the tag! :-)

xoxoKrysten said...

Aw thanks so much lady!

emilia. said...

Thank you, darling! :) Love your blog- So happy to follow you. :)