Friday, February 19, 2010

My Birthday

So I've been busy the last few days but I thought I would update you on what I did for my birthday.
- I went to get a full body massage.
- Went and got my GORGEOUS new camera! It is such an amazing professional camera, I love it.
- Got me some amazing cowgirl boots for the rodeo next month (we got Lady Antebellum and Keith Urban tickets! I'm SO excited)
- Then went and got my SECOND birthday present! My puppy! We drove forever to pick him up. His name is Harley and he is a handsome Yorkshire Terrier! and I am completely in love with him!
- Then we went to Petco with him and bought him all he needed.
The next morning my third birthday present from my mommy
Hp Mini -3 Pictures, Images and Photos

A gorgeous HP mini.

Its a lot smaller than it looks in this picture, its so cute and compact.

Now I'm just waiting till the beginning of next month when I get my new phone, tattoo, possible piercing (don't know if I'm brave enough for it lol) and to go to the rodeo!

But so far this month has been GGOOOODDD to me.

For someone who really didn't want a birthday I'm kinda sad its over


Sarah said...

Wow! Looks like you had an awesome birthday! I'm in need of a new laptop...let me know how your new one is.
Happy Birthday!

Brooke Leigh said...

Thank you!
And so far I haven't put it down much. I love it.
Its really tiny and cute but if you like to have a BIG HUGE screen its not for you but if you love tiny, adorable, fast, light weight its the best laptop ever lol :)
I seriously cant get over how light it is. I cant barely tell its even sitting on my lap