Friday, July 24, 2009


We left the 16th of this month (July).
We had to fly into Tulsa Oklahoma then to Arizona then to Salt Lake City Utah.
Three plans in one day wasn't that much fun but me and Chellce can make anything fun!
We spent the night in Salt Lake with there friend that lived there and then the next day rented a car and drove six hours to West Yellowstone, Montana.
We stayed at a hotel right outside of the park.
Once we got there we road on the luggage cart. :)
it was fun.
Then we walked around the ADORABLE little town of West Yellowstone and went into shops.
Later that night we went and got in the hot tub.
It was freezing at nights there!


was probably the hardest.

Woke up early, put our short shorts and t shirts on and walked outside.
It was freezing.
We went on a four hour hike!
But the view was beautiful.
But after that I was hurting in places I didn't know I could hurt.
We got in the car and drove back to our hotel and I fell asleep in the car.
I woke up a few miles away from our hotel and I look up and Chellce is just balling!!!
I immediately knew what happened.
I hugged her the whole way back.
Her dog, Sara Boo got out and had been ran over.
I find it slightly ironic because I just posted that blog about her birthday with a picture of her and Sara Boo.
Maybe that was suppose to be a warning of some kind.
I don't really know.
But it ruined the rest of our evening.
We went to see old faithful and drowned our sorrows in tons of ice cream.

we all went on a little mini hike and saw some really cool things.

It rained off and on all day.
Her mom left us downtown and we went and got some food from the out door dairy queen and sat and ate it in the rain.
We went and bought our souvenirs and played in the hail
and got old timie pictures taken,
I swallowed a bug (Chellce laughed for an hour!)
and sang "singing in the rain" in the rain!
and then we ate some of the BEST pizza in the world.

we got up early and went to see the falls.
They were gorgeous.
But it was a painful walk (was still recovering from the four hour hike the first day).
We saw TWO bears and a lot of other lovely things.
That night we came home and got ready and went to see "Footloose" at this very nice theatre in town.
We heard about it the first night there and couldn't wait to go.
It was so good!
And I got them to sing happy birthday to her!
But really,
I would move down there and just watch EVERY show ALL Summer.
They were wonderful.
Me and Chellce both wished that we could stay another night just to see it again.

we got up early and got the car packed up.
We drove through the park,
and saw a lot of things.
The first thing we wanted to see was Mattie's grave.
*The first day we were there we found a book about Yellowstone ghost stories. It told the story of Mattie and said that she was buried in the park and said the general area of where she was buried. So all we wanted to do the whole time was see her grave*
We drove and drove and drove the rest of the day.
Had world famous nachos.
We finally got to Utah and stayed with there friend again.
Her bed was so comfortable!
That night me and Chellce stayed up and talked for hours and finally fell fast asleep.

No one wanted to get up.
But we had to repack the car and our bags for the plane.
We did and got to the airport.
Me and Chellce bought a huge burrito to share in the airport and sat behind the seats and ate it.
It was yummy.
Flying back home was.. fun.
We didn't have to get off the plane once.
But once we stepped off that plane I could feel the humidity and heat.
I just wanted to turn around and go back!

Here are a few, and I mean a VERY few of the pictures.

I took close to 700!

I'll post more later.

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