Monday, July 27, 2009

the description of beautiful

{above is a picture I took of my grandparents horse named,Star}
This morning I woke at 10:24 to the sound of my grandmother (whom I call "meme")
asking me if I was gonna sleep ALL DAY.
I rolled out of bed and went to the kitchen.
My grandpa was in the other room playing a game on the computer.
I fixed myself a pop tart and a quick glass of milk.
I could already tell it was quite dark outside,
I knew there must be a storm rolling in.
After I was done eating I kept looking around for my grandmother.
But I couldn't find her anywhere.
I noticed the front door was open and went to it.
There she was sitting on the porch.
She noticed me and asked me if I wanted to sit with her, I accepted.
So there I sat in the front porch of her old farm house in the middle the country of Oklahoma.
With a nice breeze blowing on me from the cold front about to come in.
It wasn't cold enough for a jacket and it wasn't warm.
We sat there.
Watching the horses graze.
Watching the rain clouds roll in.
Watching her hummingbirds fly around the feeders she had hanging on the black jack tree right in front of her house.
Watching the gorgeous silver leaves fall off the silver elms tree,
and the contrast in color it made on the road.
Needless the say,
it was a beautiful way to spend a morning.

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