Thursday, July 2, 2009

The truth is...

- The truth is, I want someone to grab an old guitar and play and sing me "Hummingbird" by NeverShoutNever, and mean every word.
-The truth is, I wish I had a better body.
-The truth is, I've been really happy lately.
-The truth is, Johnny Depp inspires me.
-The truth is, there is only probably three people I will actually answer my phone for.
-The truth is, sometimes I'm scared of my future.
-The truth is, I'm anal about the way my blog looks and the way the words lay. In fact the way this blog is turning out is kinda frustrating me.
-The truth is, no one uses myspace anymore and it makes me sad because I like myspace way better than facebook.
-The truth is, when I get married and have kids I'm going to buy a whole lot of 50's dresses and wear them while I cook diner and clean the house, just like on the "The Dick Van Dyke Show" and "I love Lucy".
-The truth is, I love it when people are over protective of me, although I pretend to hate it. It makes me feel loved.
-The truth is, I feel like this blog is too long.
-The truth is, I hate posting a billion blogs and no one commenting on them. It makes me feel like I'm blogging to myself.
-The truth is, I used to want to become the modern day Shirley Temple.
-The truth is, you may think I'm a city girl but I can rope and ride as good as the next cowgirl. I love my country roots.
The truth is,
I'm done with this blog

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