Sunday, July 12, 2009


I had such a wonderful and blessed trip!
I'm so happy I got to experience this.

{Steph, Me, and Rach}

{The church we had services at the first two nights}

{Us before we painted the first church}

{Me and Rach cutting corners}

{These adorable kids that lived in the town where we painted the church}

{Cody teaching a this kid how to play hacky sack}

{Rachel took this lovely photo over a wall that says "Mexico", I love it}

{Me and Axel, such an adorable kid!}

{This girl (who could barely speak English) told me I reminded her of Bella from "Twilight". It was SO sweet!}

{The second church we painted}

{Across from the church we painted, such a beautiful view}

{We were trying to open the coconut we found on the beach}

{Yum! By the way, I have paint on my hands.}

{Walking along the beach was so peaceful}

{Me painting}

{Cody with the pastors ADORABLE little puppy that we fed}

{Rachel likes to touch my butt! With paint on her hands. hehe. I think we got more paint on ourselves than the walls!}

{The water was so beautiful}

{This ladies house in the village where the church was}

{This lady was nice enough to invite us to her house and give us starfish she and family found}

{Cody looking wonderful}

{Peri: Wonderful translator/ second mom}
{Me and Cody takin a break. I jumped 13 feet into the water for this boy!}

{Us praying for the kids in the freshly painted church}

{me and the kids of the village}

{The food was the best!}

Then on the way home we went to South Padre and chilled at the beach for a few hours

{We had some fabulous Mexican Popsicles on the beach. One last taste of Mexico}

{Me dancing to "Strawberry Swing" by Coldplay on the beach. It was lovely. That song so perfectly described that day}

{Me and Cody on the ride home. I was looking like a lobster!}

{The ride was full of a lot of laughs, a TON of sleep, and a little sadness. We had such a great week. No one wanted it to end}

What an amazing trip!

I cant wait to do it again!

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Ananth Chellathurai said...

Pics are too good, specially the one where you are painting...