Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Above is me and John in black and white on the right with our amazing cast at TNT (Texas Non-profit Theatre youth conference).
No, I have no idea why my mouth is open.
The judge seemed quite impressed with our show saying the way we did it was "impressive" and my choreography was "delightful" :)
This was the the fourth or fifth year I've been to TNT and the first year I've not actually been in a show or gone with Slightly Off Center Players,
Who did amazing if I might add.
It was John's first show to direct and my first show to choreography. It was awesome to do it together.
Jeff and Mandy (directors of SOCP) taught us everything we know, its kinda like we were there own little kids finally going out on our own.
I had a wonderful time with my roommates, filled with fun nights of singing, watching old black and white love stories, climbing on the roof and throwing things at people.
I also loved seeing my old friends from SOCP (Slight Off Center Players).
I've missed them so much.
Altogether a wonderful trip filled with wonderful people.

Sorry for the lack of pictures.
I will be putting up pictures on my myspace and facebook.
you can see them there.

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