Thursday, June 18, 2009

"Friends" issue: Rachel

Rachel Esther Wood

BoldRachel is extremely talented and gorgeous.
I love her style.
You can always find her in vintage or just in AWESOME clothes.
She stands out in a crowd, but not in a bad way.
She is a writer, pianist, artist and composer.
She is my own little model as well :)
You can always find her drawing roses on anything, or playing her piano.
She has already had one of her BRILLIANT poems published.
She is currently working on a book which will be filled with her dreams, poems, and short stories.
She has an AMAZING sense of art and an intense love of vintage, that I strive to copy yet make my own.
If you were to enter her room you would smile,
her walls are covered in drawings and words that all of us have helped her build up over the years.
At the age of seventeen,
She has already finished her first AMAZING composition.
I'm also happy to say that me and her have been working on our own little song.
She is so pure,
never been kissed,
Never had a boyfriend,
and proud of it.
One day she will have her amazing fairytale.
Her dream is to travel the world playing her composition and promoting her books,
that is of course when she isn't chilling at her beautiful castle in Scotland that she wants to own.
She has such amazing dreams,
and with her drive,
I don't doubt a second that she'll get them.

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Anonymous said...

Awwwwwww! You know me wayyyy too well :*D. Now I shall work on your poem tonight ;*)!