Saturday, June 6, 2009

I thought i'd run away from home, but I never get to far.

I'm quite sorry I haven't written in awhile!
I left from Rachel's house Tuesday night after rehearsal.
Somehow it ended up being a super sleepover with our friends Frankie, McCall, and Jeric.
We had a lovely time (even though around 9am I was getting cranky without sleep)
Then the next day we slept in till 5pm,
our friends left and we stayed in her bed ALL DAY watch movies.
"Revolutionary Road" was extremely depressing.
I don't really recommend it.
Then we watched "Madea's Class Reunion" to lighten the mood.
I love Madea movies.
Then we watched "Nights in Rodanthe", which was... a good movie... as hard as it is for me to say it. haha
I've never cried so much for a movie in my whole life!
I was sobbing!
Then we finished the night off with "Titanic" which I had never watched.


I may be the only female in the world that doesn't like that movie but I don't care.
It made me so unbelievable sad and upset.
It stormed that night, and we had a brilliant idea to go play in the rain. Which, was a great idea!
We had the best time and got soaked.
The next day Frankie and her family came back over, we went to ihop and my lovely friends talked me into staying another.
Which was fun.
They built a camp fire and we just had a chilled relaxed night.
Me and Tina (Cody, Frankie, Cory and Christopher's mother) went to walmart to get Mosquito spray in the middle of the night and had a nice little chat and jammed out to music pretty well.
Frankie crashed early, but me Cody and Rach stayed up watched "dodgeball" and stuff.
We have the best times.

I'm home now..
The next few days are going to be hectic.

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