Saturday, June 6, 2009

I could drive around for hours and think of you.

Last night me and my mom decided to stop taking baby steps and let me leap.
I wasn't quite sure if I was ready.
But I did it.
My mother bought me my jeep :)
and she has been letting me drive it,
on small roads, parking lots and little subdivisions.
Well last night we had a little driving lesson. It was dark (the first time I've really driven in the dark) and I was feeling brave.
I asked her if I could drive down the main road and she was like "yeah".
Little did I know she was going to make me drive the whole way home (and to McDonald's to drop off a redbox movie).
But I did it,
for 30 minutes I drove my little jeep down some of the largest roads on this side if town with my driving song on repeat (Breathe - Taylor Swift)
and we are still in one piece.
My mother only got scared once (I'm tellin ya mom, the car has amazing brakes! I was just testing them!)
as trivial as it seems, I'm quite proud of myself.
It was also the first time with me driving around more than one car around me.
and may I say we have a lot of jerk drivers in Texas!

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mom said...

I am sorry for getting scared. It was just your first time pulling up behind someone at a light. You were right it did have amazing brakes. LOL. ;) I Love You! Your Amazing!