Monday, May 11, 2009

Wurthering Heights

So, in the "Twilight" books, Bella and Edward (main characters in the book) talk about a book called "Wurthering Heights" many times throughout the book series.
When I read the "Twilight" books I found myself wondering if this book existed.
Well the other day I was gazing at our book shelf.
My mom is taking college courses and always brings home interesting books.
When I looked at the shelf and realized that there was a book called "Wurthering Heights"!
I thought that was kinda strange, but not as strange as I thought it was when I realized my mother (who has never read any of the "Twilight" books) had placed my "Twlight" book directly on top of it.
I thought the coincidence was to weird!
So I picked up my Twilight book and I was going to see if I had gotten the name wrong and they talked about a different book.
So I held the book in my hands and it fell almost mid-way open.
I looked in the middle of the page and my eyes went straight to "Wurthering Heights".
Again, I found it strange.
(I mean they don't talk about the book THAT MUCH!)
So I've decided to start reading it.
(Which I would've done anyways, even if I hadn't thought all these strange coincidences were a sign)
I hope everyone else had a great Monday!
I know I did (wait.. its only 11:45).
I got A LOT of sleep and woke up at 5am
(yay for "almost" a normal sleep schedule)
I put on my fedora and danced around my apartment while I cleaned haha
aannnddd I got EVERYTHING I wanted to get done, done! (which never happens!)
I'm about to head to Rachel's house to go have some rad times.
Hopefully when I get back I'll have some wild story to tell ya!

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IndieCindie. said...

wurthering heights is an awesome book, as is twiliht, obvioulsy : ) x