Wednesday, May 13, 2009

post mommies day

Mothers Day has got me thinking about how wonderful my mother in particular, is.

Here are ten things I love about my mommy

1. She will always cuddle with me when I have a bad day

2. She is so open minded and loves me now matter what. I can come with her with anything and she wont freak out or lose her head. She'll stay calm and hear me out.

3. If I need her, no matter what's going on or what time or ANYTHING, she is there.

4. She is the only person that knows how to put me right to sleep.

5. She is my movie buddy.

6. She is such a fixer, if something is upsetting me she is right there to fix it.

No matter what it takes, she's cussed important people out for me before.

7. She can be the most fun person I've ever met (when she wants to be)

8. We share an apartment so well.

9. She is the only person in the WORLD that can make me happy if I'm in one of my REALLY bad moods. Most people just get mad back at me and freaks out on me and we get into a huge fight. But she just sits there and takes it and laughs (because she knows I'm not serious) which makes me laugh. Next thing I know I go from wanting to kill the world to being super happy.

10. She is my best friend/ partner/ mother/ father/ everything.

She is the most supportive person you'll ever meet, gives the best advice you'll ever get and loves harder than anyone I've ever known


Mom said...

Why are you so dam Wonderful! I think I am going to have to do one of the Bloggers to get even! LOL

I want You to know How lucky and Blessed I am to be your MOM!

I Love You! Forever!

A "cheery" disposition said...

Aww I love this list so sweet. And the fact that she cussed some important poeple out for you is pretty awesome!