Saturday, May 30, 2009

reasons I love Rachel

  1. She will jam to 80's rock music with me.

  2. 2. She has good taste in everything. Music, clothes, candy, ect.

  3. She will take naps with me

  4. She will laugh at nothing with me

  5. She doesn't make me feel dumb when I have blonde moments.

  6. She finds it fascinating that I know every word to "Loathing" from "Wicked" (if only she knew I know ever word to every song in "Wicked")

  7. She makes me laugh so hard I snort.

  8. She draws/ writes all over her walls {which I am proud to say I've helped her with over the years}
  9. Her mom makes my favorite food ever {Peri's homemade burritos}

  10. When I do dumb things she just laughs and says "I love you" :)

  11. She is my hippie dancing partner (since 2007)

  12. She will lay under the stars with me and talk about how beautiful the world is
  13. She doesn't judge me when I burp really loud (hehe)

  14. She will have a Twizzler sword fight with me
  15. She keeps her mini Christmas tree in her room up all year round
  16. We both love candles

  17. Because she cant do a hand stand, but its funny watching her try.
  18. For her famous "Cups of Joe" {insider}
  19. We can talk for hours and it will feel like ten minutes
  20. We take twitter breaks (yes! we twitter. haha)

  21. She has pretty awesome dogs!

  22. She's gorgeous

  23. She's amazingly talented

I love you Rach!


If you have a best friend tell her how much you love her today.

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Anonymous said...

I love you like I love the stars! HEHEHEHE :*D.