Sunday, May 31, 2009

Oh Summer, you came too soon

Things I'd like to accomplish this Summer

  1. See a robins egg in real life
  2. Spend time with my family
  3. Become an amazing driver
  4. Get more blog followers
  5. Get in shape
  6. Go on a road trip with my friends
  7. Get on a semi normal sleep schedule (don't want to be too normal)
  8. Learn more about photography
  9. Have one moment when I'm completely happy
  10. Finish learning one whole language (I've started learning, Italian, french, & ASL. I get bored)
  11. Go on a missions trip (hopefully Mexico, next month :D)
  12. Go somewhere were I have to fly on a plane (hopefully Vegas or Utah)
  13. Host some pretty fun party's
  14. Get my license
  15. Work on getting my high school diploma
  16. Finally get up the courage to get my belly button pierced
  17. Go to a couple of auditions
  18. Get an agent
  19. Get booked at least once
  20. Most importantly HAVE FUN.

After I post this, i'll probably think of more.

what do you want to accomplish this Summer?

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