Thursday, May 28, 2009

oh baby!

Last night I had a quite strange dream,

I was the age I am now but I was pregnant!

weird, I know.

Especially since I don't plan to have kids for QUITE awhile (duh! I'm sixteen! I need to live first! and probably find a husband...).

and no I had no idea who the father was, I was freaking out the all time because I had no memory of getting pregnant.

although I of course have some hope (*cough* Nick Jonas *cough*)

But then today I found ALL these people I know are having baby's.

So maybe it was just me discerning it.


all this talk about babies made me think of awesome baby names.

I've thought of some rad rocker names I hope to name my kids.


Kingston Eli

Caymen Lance


Melody Anne

that's what I got so far.

But I have PLENTY of years to think about that subject.

I should probably work on the whole "finding a guy" part first, huh?

1 comment:

mom said...

Those are awesome Names! My Grandchildren are going to be unique individuals aren't they!