Friday, May 29, 2009

good friends, good music, another day in the life of a teenage renegade

{above is Ryan :D}

Well it is a Thursday night (or was)
and I wasn't sure of my plans.
I was hoping to go see my friend Cody play with his band "Await the Day" (amazing, check them out).
They were opening for MONTY ARE I *freak out*
but it turns out this night he wasn't playing with them.
I had no rehearsal and I wanted to spend time with my friend Rachel but it looked like that wasn't going to happen.
I cuddled up on the couch with a bag of Cheetos and sweats and was preparing for a relaxing night at home when I get a call from Tina (frankie, Cory and Cody's mom).
Letting me know they were still going to see Monty and asking if I was going with them.
With the way I looked I wasn't planning on going ANYWHERE, so I was like "umm.. no I think i'm going to stay home".
She all the sudden says hang on, Cody wants to talk to you.
Somehow Cody talked me into going... hmm... I don't remember how. OH YEAH! By not giving me any other choice lol!
So basically we went and we got to meet his new band and enjoy some local bands and afterwards we saw MONTY ARE I! AAHHHHH We were right by the stage and TOTALLY rocking out! They are awesome live.
AND extremely nice people.
We talked to them after the show.
OH! And during the show I fell in love.... with there lead guitarist :D
and now frankie is in love with him (because she steals everything from me).
but yeah.
haha Altogether, it was a rad night.

p.s. don't I have good looking friends?

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