Thursday, May 7, 2009


This Sunday - Tuesday I went to Galveston with

(frankie's name is in lowercase because she likes it better like that. Even though it is not proper grammar and also it shows respect when you capitalize people's name but whatever she wants)

(Rachel's friend from Missouri who came down for a visit)

(The Wood's family friend from Germany who also came down to visit)

and of course Peri!

(Rachel's mom, my adopted mommy).

We stayed at the woods (Peri, Rachel, Lish, Jer, Lin)
resort and we had the best time.

I could have you here for hours talking about it but here are a few highlights and pictures :D
  1. Taking pictures with Frankie out the window

  2. flying a kite!

3. dancing with my kite on the beach in the water

4. eating our gorgeous food on the porch of our room Monday morning

5. discovering you could take amazing quality micro pictures on frankie's camera.

6. going to Ben & Jerry's.

7. The photobooth in B&J's was broken so we took our own pictures

8. The workers who were messing with us and making the gorilla's move when we touched them and making them nod at us

9. celebrating me and frankie's one month anniversary from our "wedding" lol.

10. late night bon-fire on the beach with the crew!

11. when me, Peri, and frankie changed the word from the worship song "Let it Rain" to let it "burn" and sang it when our fire kept trying to go out

~ go to and watch~

12. when it started to sprinkle extremely lightly and we danced in the ocean/ rain. and our fire didn't go out!

13. when we got home me and frankie took a bubble bath (after making a HUGE mess) and over flowed the bath with bubbles!

14. pulling an all nighter with everyone then leaving EARLY in the morning and going to Rachel's and taking a nap.

we had a good ole' time!

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