Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Letters to myself

If I could write myself a letter then, this is what I'd say...
Dear Brooke in March,
Next month you're going to be embarking on an adventure.
Right now you think your fat, in six months you'll know what fat really feels like after eating snickers and cheesy bread everyday as your comfort food for six months, so shut up!
Right now you think your pale, when you get home in September, you'll be so pale you're turning pink, so again, shut up!
but I not envious of you for a couple reasons.
You make your choices based on fear, and you're basically afraid of everything.
You've never seen a gypsy village in Romania, tasted the night air of Germany from a beautiful tower where you can see the border of Poland and Czech, or enjoyed an authentic coffee ceremony in Ethiopia.
You've never met the amazing people I've met, been to the places I've been or experienced the crazy things I have.
Don't take anything for granted, trust, and never say no.
This trip really will be what you make it.
You'll meet new best friends and maybe even a cute boy near the end, who knows ;)
Strap yourself in young lady,
your in for the ride of your life.

Brooke in September

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