Monday, September 26, 2011


Ethiopia was a hard two months.
We stayed in Addis the entire time.
People see you as the rich white people and that often makes it hard to connect with people or know if they just want something from you...
I've been yelled at, felt up, almost stolen from, followed, been the center of mobs and gathered crowds just by standing on the sidewalk.
We arrived back to Germany the 5th of September (I think) and my first day back was a culture shock.
I was ready to go back.
I thought to myself, after the most rough time of my life, why do I want to go back?
I think I'm still answering that question,
But mostly because I realized when I got back the hardest thing about Ethiopia is going back to my western World and knowing that I have opportunities that these people never have. I have food. I met people that are starving. I have a bed. I've met people who sleep on the street.
It just doesn't set well with me to go back to my old way of living.
Ethiopia gets in your heart and eats away at your old mind set, and the way you used to see the World.
Suddenly the woes an worries of your westerner life doesn't seem so bad.
These people need love, and they need hope.
and I have both.
I have a God who is THE love and who is THE hope.
I HAVE to share him with these people, I have no other option.

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