Tuesday, June 21, 2011

If you say "stay tuned" one more time....

the last few days..
well since I blogged last have had some fun points.
allow me to share
  • I had a fun photo-shoot with my besties bestie friends. It felt so good to take pictures again.
  • I took a four hour nap in the prayer room
  • I ate a cricket.. Yes I gave in to pure pressure and after years of vegetarianism I ate a little buggie bug... But I wont lie, it left me feeling so brave... like I could jump off a bridge or something... stay tuned... maybe I will..
  • someone gave me 200 euro. No idea who its from. Just my name and money inside. I am one step closer to getting the money I need. YAY GOD!

I know their were other highlights but I cant remember them now.
This week has proven so far to be my favorite week of lectures, knowledge wise.
We are discussing Justice and Worldviews.
what we believe, & why we believe.
My kinda subjects.
also me and my friends here are making a list of things we are going to do before we leave DTS.
I guess this is what becomes of boredom...
Stay tuned folks, my life is starting to get a bit more interesting...

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