Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Prague - Czech Republic

Saturday some of my roommates & me got up bright and early!
There was about ten of us that decided to go to Prague.
Two of them had their cars here at the base so they drove us into Czech & parked their cars at a grocery store where we got some currency & then we walked to the bus station.
The bus ride was two hours long then we got to the bus station, we got subway tickets & took it to the middle of nowhere till we realized that where we were originally is where our hostel was!
We finally got to our hostel & were pretty surprised with how nice it was!
As far as hostels go, we were impressed.
We dropped our backpacks off & decided to start exploring!
My camera stopped working & I had a little mini breakdown but luckily not a lot of tears were involved.
We got to the downtown & decided to split into groups because we just had too many people.
Me & my friends Anna & Ali decided to be in our own group & we took off walking.
We got ice cream & went to H&M (I died a little).
It took us a very long time to figure everything out because our plan was to find the big bridge we were suppose to meet our roommates at then sightsee around there seeing how most of all the things to see were centered around there anyways but the problem was we had no idea where we were going & all the people that we asked told us to go in the opposite direction (I kid you not, maybe it was backwards day. I‘d like to think that instead of they were just meanies)
We were walking through the streets of Prague when we stopped to take a picture of this really cool building & this group of Italian boy tourists, couldn’t be much older than ourselves very smoothly stepped in front of the camera & posed for our picture before we even noticed they were there.
We all laughed & said hello & they told us they were from Italy & asked us where we were from. We then exchanged names & they went around telling us there names & shaking our hands when this one boy took my hand & instead of shaking it decided to kiss it. We all laughed & his friends made fun of him. I guess I can cross “getting my hand kissed by an Italian boy” off my bucket list.. Not that it was on my bucket list but it should be. We told them it was nice to meet them then continued on our way.
When we finally made it to the bridge we were exhausted & our feet hurt so we decided to find someplace to sit, which ended up being McDonald. Yes, I know so European of us :P
I love Mcdonalds (Yeah, I cant believe I said that either) in Europe because they have so many options for vegetarians. I had cheese sticks & potato wedges & they were amazing, after this we talked & rested we started walking again in & out of shops. We were standing on the street looking in the stores when some middle aged man walked up & grabbed Ali’s butt! She waited till he was further away to tell us & maybe that was a good thing because we were instantly in murder mode. We didn’t care if he didn’t speak English we were going to hunt him down, cuss him out & then kick him in the balls.
Unfortunately we didn’t get to which totally ruined my plans because I didn’t feel my Prague trip would be completely without beating someone up.
I bought this really cool mug that I loved & then we somehow wondered back to the bridge. We were standing there looking at the water & all the people on the bridge selling stuff & all the tourists taking pictures. I was feeling a bit sad. The only thing I really wanted to see was the John Lennon wall & we hadn’t found it & the map we had didn’t have it on it. Anna looked at me & I think she could tell I was a little sad. She said “you really wanted to see that wall huh?” I shook my head yes & then suddenly I heard what sounded like angels.
Someone speaking… English! Could it be!? I walked up to them & said, you speak English right!?
They said yes & I quickly asked them if the knew where the John Lennon wall was.
The were happy to show me their map with the John Lennon wall on it & we realized it was right under the bridge almost!
We started walking! There I was walking along, minding my own business when I heard something else… Something that didn’t sound like angels.. Something that sounded like trouble.. Italians!! But new ones!!! A new group of Italian boys that were also our age were suddenly following me screaming things like "I love you!" "I will never hurt you!" "You so beautiful!" "Marry me molto bella please!!!"
I kid you not, I had a few marriage proposals.
I actually started running a little at one point & they were right there & Anna & Ali were laughing at me saying how I seem to attract the Italians. Still they followed us but then.. Something magical happened. I stood there in front of the John Lennon wall. We made it! We took some pictures & the Italian boys caught up to us. It seemed that there was this one boy who was more in love with me than the rest & he asked to take a picture with me. I decided to because I thought it would get him to leave me alone & honestly, I don’t know how to say no to people anyways.

After this the other girls decided they were terribly exhausted & hungry so we found a Mexican restaurant on some back street.. It really didn’t have much Mexican food which kind of confused me, (& yes I ate again haha) but the bathrooms were free which in Prague is a major score! After this we wondered back to the bridge where we met up with our friends & they were hungry so we wondered to a Chinese buffet with them & another friend from DTS, Jullian that came separately & met up with her friends from Brazil that we had never met before but were super nice. After lunch we lugged ourselves back to the hostel & got ready for the night on the town.

After primping we hoped on the subway off to meet our friend Jullian downtown. When we got there it was raining but after a little thinking we decided…

lets go anyways!
We walked through the rain to Karlovy Lazne,

the biggest music club in Prague!
When we got there though a lot of our group decided they didn’t want to go.. So we decided to split up.
Big mistake!
We went in, danced in the laser lights, danced with Jullians gorgeous Brazilian friends who are really good dancers, ran into my Italian stalker who apparently told all his friends that weren’t there about me because they kept saying “this is the girl!? Oh my gosh! This is the girl!”.
But something wasn’t quite right.
We didn’t feel right about splitting up.
We are in DTS to build relationships. We felt like we chose the club over our friends, & let them walk home in the rain. We decided it wasn’t right so we left Jullian & her Brazilian boys & decided to go back to the hostel & catch up with them & tell them we were sorry…
That would’ve been such a good plan.
If we weren’t SO exhausted!
We ended up getting off at the right stop.. But us in our tired minds thought it wasn’t the right stop, so we got back on the subway & went to God only knows where. Eventually we got on the right subway.. After getting on one with puke & on one with a few guys from Boston who were telling disgusting & degrading females.. Then tried to hit on us.. Then we almost got in a fight with him because we were being sassy & he was a douche bag.

When I tried to sleep that night I couldn’t
My legs kept cramping up, I had been non stop standing/ walking since we had gotten there.
By the time we woke up we were ready to go home.. Well, our home. The castle.
We caught the earliest bus we could home & we slept for ages.
& that was my trip to Prague

John Lennon Wall  Prague

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