Saturday, April 2, 2011

Happy Birthday to You!
today my blog is two years old.
To think this blog has documented two years of my life is crazy.
I know it sounds dumb & over dramatic but this blog has been here when I didn't have anyone to talk to.
The blogging community showed me that not only are there other people like me, that are obsessed with crafts, fashion, pretty pictures, & writing down their thoughts.. in this community its actually pretty cool to walk out of your house dressed like you are going to Sunday morning service, or to take millions of pictures every where you go.
I feel like I've been inspired to be myself because of the blogging community.
To go out on a limb & start a shop!
Or to experiment with photography.
So cheers to many more years to come!

Happy Birthday Diet Brooke With Lime

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No Model Lady said...

Happy bloggy birthday!! I love my blog so much. It has helped me through a lot of rough times when I felt like I didn't have any "real" friends. All mine lived in the computer:)