Saturday, April 23, 2011

Grocery Shopping & British Day

what a relaxing day.
My first day off since getting to school a week ago..
well thats not completely true but it is the first day off since school started & it was amazing.
Most of our roommates put on pretty dresses & made plans for today but as soon as I got up this morning I made the proclamation that I was staying in my sweats all day!
& I didn't break that promise.
Although I wanted to stay in front of them computer all day, & for the most part did talking to my good looking man piece, against my will I still had an fun & slightly eventful day!!
I was in desperate need to go grocery shopping but due to the fact the only way to get there is a twenty minute walk, & up a hill called "slow death", that would've totally ruined my lazy theme I had going.
But my friend Lydia (from Germany) said she was taking her CAR into town to the grocery store & her & Masha (from the states) were going to get groceries for tomorrows Easter Feast!
A chance to go in a CAR!?!? You never realize how much of a luxury that is until you cant & you have to walk everywhere.
Anyways it ended up being a fun trip with Lydia, Masha, Rach, & Louise (from London).
We learned it was British day, & talked in British accents. I think Louise thought we were making fun of her, but it was a lot of fun.
We then help picked out all the things we need to make the school Easter Dinner tomorrow & then took it all over to "Jesus House" where we are having the dinner, & then treated ourselves to ice cream.
Lydia also backed into an EXTREMELY expensive sports car on the way home... the owner was sitting on the street watching her...
they told her it was fine & let us go.
Talk about awesome huh!?

The best part of the day was definitely when Louise say "darnit I forgot my bottles" & I honestly thought she said she forgot her buttholes.... I was so confused...

Oh what a day, what a day!
Now I hear its bean burrito's for dinner so I'm going to grab one!
a post is coming telling you how my first week went soon!!!

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