Thursday, March 24, 2011

four things

+ This is the way my face has looked a lot lately, & I like it.

+ I bought a super cute bikini! It ended up being pretty expensive & I cant believe I spent that much money on something I wont be able to wear after the 11th of April for 6 months but oh well, it will make me happy until I leave!

+ If I don't have real Mexican food soon I'm going to die. I'm seriously on my death bed here!

+ My week has been very uneventful so far. Besides working 9 hour days, sleeping and talking to boyfriend I haven't done much of anything.

okay, its 4am & since I cant go back to sleep I'm going to go curl up in bed, watch the old movie channel until I have to get up & get ready for work at 5:30am

Have a beautiful day.
You deserve it

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