Friday, February 4, 2011

February Goals

I really love Michelle from Oh, Mishka's idea for monthly resolutions instead resolutions for an entire year. I'm much better with short term goals instead of long term. They're easier to keep track of & I have a bad habit of forgetting my resolutions as well as my goals change through out the year as I change. Soo.. Lets try thing.

1. Be able to crochet this doll without losing my mind or quiting.
I have been trying to crochet a doll for someone for their Valentine's Day present but unfortunately its probably already going to be late since I didn't get to mail it today. I've been crocheting it for two days & it looks like I'm going to have to start again... for the second time -_-

2. Get over this illness.
I'm ridiculously sick. Like fever, sleeping all day, feel like I'm going to die, sick. But I hope to get well soon!

3. Have the best birthday EVER!
only twelve more days people!

4. Work out once a day
I had such a good work out schedule but I've gotten so off track.

5. Eat more salads.
I've been eating a lot much junk!

also everyone should check out this magical list. It makes me happier just reading it.

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