Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dear 2010, Who can say that I've been changed for the better? But because I knew you I have been changed for good.

I was going to do a year recap,
but (no offense to life or anything)
this year wasn't my favorite..
I had some good times (getting my Harley for one!)
& the last two months have been amazing.
but most of it was not note worthy compared to some of the good times I've had.
I'm sure I had some good times...
but I was suffering from issues so much this year I guess I wasn't able to enjoy it & going over it again all I can see in the pictures is the pain behind my eyes & I can feel what I was going through all over again, its not so much fun.
So I am chunkin up the deuces to that year, & saying helloooo 2011.
Another year stronger, another year smarter.
This year:
+ I will work harder & make tons & tons of money & when I do I will NOT! go to the nearest clothing store & make it disappear. Even if I have to hide it from myself, I WILL SAVE.
+ I will make more friends, & not push old ones away when I'm feeling low & just want to be by myself.
+ I will make 2011's theme "Adventure!" Which means going crazy & trying new things! I feel like I really started to understand the meaning of really living in 2010. Now lets put that knowledge into action!
+ I will not let people run over me! Period.
+ I WILL learn new languages & instruments. Yes, notice the 's'. I'm setting my standards high for myself.
+ I will work out 5 days a week. Only exceptions are staying weeks at my friends house. Then I will allow myself to splurge (which will probably mean I'll be spending a LOT more time at my friends houses lol) ;)
+ I will become a vegetarian again. I loved everything about it, I felt better physically & mentally & then I allowed my mother to start shoving hamburgers down my throat again. I know its easier to just eat whatever then to be 'the vegetarian'. The one everyone seems to make food exceptions & I hate the awkward moment when you go to your friends house for dinner & they fix meat & then AFTER we are all sitting down someone decides to spill the beans I'm a vegetarian & you feel kinda bad. but it feels SO MUCH BETTER! & for all those people looking to go veg themselves, after a month it really isn't hard at all. I promise. Its just making the decision that's hard.
+ I will stop drinking sodas! I never really drink it that much anyways but when I do it gives me a tummy ache. Why drink something that is going to give you a tummy ache Brooke? That's crazy. No more this year!
+ I will stop watching so much television! I read a lot this year but there is always more room for books everyone's life.
+ I will open an.. ESTY! :D Its already in the works. I had some encouraging words from some friends about some projects I've made & I really want to give it a shot
+ I wont stress or be depressed. Not even for a second. This year I will be happy.
+ I will get more blog followers *wink* *wink* *nod* *nod*
+ This year will be the best year EVER!
+ Next year I will be with my love for my first ever New Years kiss. No matter what! (unfortunately some things separate us this year... Like an ocean)

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No Model Lady said...

I can't wait for your Etsy shop!! It will be marvelous!! Too much Diet Coke makes my belly hurt too...