Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Right Now

right now

  • I really want some taco bell.. & I don't even like taco bell
  • I'm really lovin my jean shirt (I'll never tell its from Miley Cyrus's clothing line.. oops..)
  • I'm about to eat a PB&J nom nom nom
  • I really love this song
  • I really love Joyce Meyer & her words ALWAYS speak to the situation I'm in
  • I really wish I was tired
  • I'm glad I got to talk to a certain military man

Oh God.. I look like I have a double chin.

He is one of the few people that make me smile that big... Its kinda embarrassing...

1 comment:

kara lynn said...

i just read your list on camilla's blog. LOVED it. really a lot. thanks!