Saturday, October 2, 2010

In Loving Memory

Yesterday was my Uncle Ray's memorial service.
It was.. amazing.
I haven't cried that hard in forever,
& I haven't smiled that hard in forever either.
Good times, sad times.
When I die, that is what I want leave behind.
Friends, family, all with the best stories to tell.
It was a beautiful sight.
I learned yesterday that it isn't what you take with you, its completely what you leave behind.
He was a Vietnam veteran, & one of the biggest hippies I knew.
He loved cars, couldn't be beat in a fight, & a lover of Colorado...
where he ended up passing away, on his yearly hiking & hunting trip.

This is how I remember him. With his beard that used to tickle me when I kissed him goodbye
Brothers & Sister (a.k.a my Meme, a.k.a. grandma)
All his photo albums from his house were displayed

Me & my cousin Natalie. She is an actress, & gorgeous :)
uncle ray

Me & Uncle Ray
A shirt that Ray did for a friend in high school. His friend brought it with him to the funeral
I found this in the back of one of albums that were there. I thought of it as his last joke. Funny how that man can still make me laugh after he's gone haha

I love my family, I loved/ love my uncle ray.
What a great day we had celebrating his life, & how sad we all are he is gone.

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