Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I'm the one who has to die when its time for me to die. So let me live my life the way i want to.

Now, I do not smoke (I tried it once in my early teen years. I immediately told my mother after.. I'm so horrible at being a bad girl sometimes), nor do I condone smoking. Especially not inside. yuck!
- But today I feel like laying in my bed and chain smoking like there literally is no tomorrow.
- Today I feel like throwing my dog off the balcony if he doesn't stop barking.
- Today I feel like loading a gun & pointing it at people just to watch them squirm.
- Today I feel like wearing all black & dark sunglasses & not showing my emotions on my face.
- Today I feel like getting a large, visible, painful tattoo
- Today I feel like getting in a high speed police chase.
- Today I feel like making a guy fall for me just to brake his heart.
- Today I feel like pissing people off.

- Today I feel like being a bad girl

I think its safe to say today I should refrain from the rest of the World till I get in a better mood.
for the rest of the Worlds sake.
Well, here's todays anthem:

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