Sunday, October 24, 2010

30 Days of Truth | Day Three

Today's topic is "What's something you have to forgive yourself for?"
I've thought about this all day & I must admit there were a few things I thought of,
I learned things about myself answering this for sure.

the answer:
In the past, I will say, Ive been a bit heartless.
I've played with peoples hearts, & emotions without caring.
I've been able to break peoples hearts & laugh in their face as they cried.
I do not exactly know what experience I went through in adolescence that made me so hard hearted for so long but it did cause me to be able to hurt people & not even care, to play people & not even think twice.
It wasn't until I had the same done to me about a year ago that I finally realized how hurtful I had been & I've really been able to sympathize.
So to the people I've hurt, I do apologize, I hope you can forgive, & one day I can forgive myself for not just the way I've treated the people in my life, but the emotionlessness I did it with...

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