Tuesday, October 26, 2010

30 Days of Truth | Day Four

"Something you have to forgive someone for"
the answer:
I need to forgive many people for dishonesty.
Things happen,
truths are twisted,
Sometimes for mine, or others well being.
but because a few peoples dishonesty I look at everyone as a liar.
My trust is almost, obsolete.
I look at everyone as a liar, on a war path with some personal agenda to hurt me for their own personal gain.
Wow, that's a trip, huh?
I think I need to realize that there are good people in the world.
People that keep their word, & stick by others, even when they wont get anything out of it.
These people exist.

1 comment:

Court Thomas said...

I like this 30 days of truth and your complete honest answers. Bravo to you.