Saturday, October 30, 2010

30 Days of Truth | Day Eight

So I'm pretty sure I'm behind a day... or two.. oops.. hehe

Today's topic:
Someone who made your life hell, or treated you like shit.

The Answer:
I think this award would have to go to my ex-bestfriend. (haha I feel so childish saying the word 'ex-bestfriend'.)
me & Bethany were inseparable.
We did everything together.
We were closer than I have been with any of my friends, still to this date.
We are no longer friends now because I decided to quit my dance team.
it was about two years ago when this happened & I wasn't being treated fairly on the team.
I was terribly ill (no seriously.. i almost died.. it was kinda traumatic) & i was being told that if I didn't make it to certain rehearsals I wasn't going to be able to be in my favorite dances, even though allowances were made for other people.. it was completely ridiculous & drama filled & even little me could see it so I made my decision.
In my 'best friends' anger from me quiting, her & her family spread rumours about me & the 'mysterious reason' i was so sick & quit the team so suddenly.
Before I knew it my supposed 'best friend' right along with her mother & sister were spreading a rumor around I was pregnant... Now let me tell you.. I still to this day wear a purity ring.. & at this time it was only shortly after I had had my first kiss!
Needless to say, I lost my best friend.
& the only other friend that I really was close to at the time emailed me, & of course I spilled my guts to her, telling her how unfairly I was treated, turns out.. she wasn't such a good friend either.
She printed my email out & showed it to everyone.
Hasn't said a word to me sense...
So Bethany & Holly.
they are the answer.

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