Thursday, September 30, 2010

In 5 years time, I might not know you..

Just a collage of pictures from today.
I spent most of the day in my bathing suit.
I didn't go to sleep till around 7:30am then woke up & went back to sleep numerous times until 4pm (yeah. I have a messed up schedule. Don't judge.)
I cant decided what I like better..
I mean when I have my sleeping pills... being on a normal schedule is great & I feel lazy getting up so late in the day!
but I work better at night, I think better at night, I also get to talk to one of my great friends Bryce who is in the military & stationed in Korea so he is on a complete different schedule than I am.
I got up around 4pm & went to the pool & just chilled out, & read.
{taken with phone cam, bad quality}
Ahh! It was so peaceful! I cant even describe!
I think I'm going to do the same tomorrow!
Jeez... Another reason to hate the fact that fall is coming so fast & Summer is coming to an end.

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kara lynn said...

you are so cute! i loved reading the about section in your profile.. and don't worry i would be by the pool at 4 pm as well. seriously how else do you celebrate the end of summer. soak it in!