Monday, September 20, 2010

Holga / first roll

I love my holga


Candid Phobic said...

These pictures are beautiful! Expired films can really turn out good sometimes.

Ariadne said...

Lovely pics!!

Bedazzled Love. said...

Hey girl! love th pics. I hae a holga too, but I'm not sure how to put the film in.. can you give me some advice? Thanks!

Brooke Leigh said...

Thanks girls :)

& Advice on putting film in.. well I'm no expert..
no really.. my first roll of film I took ended up completely blank lol
but when you open the back put the film were the gap is, on the other side there is like a slit & you pull the film & put it between the little slit then you roll the film advance button until it stops.
When you take it out be sure to rewind the film before you open the back or the light can erase the pictures.
I don't know too much about cameras but i hope i've helped.
If all else fails, i'd google it! :)
lol i google everything :)

lina said...

awesome! i have to send away my diana film to get developed soon : )
i can't wait.