Thursday, August 19, 2010

Oh Pollyanna, if i knew you'd change my life.

{Hayley Mills via}
Have you guys seen Pollyanna?
I hope so, its a classic!
In it Pollyanna based the way she looked at life by a thing called 'The Glad Game'
In which we had to find the good in every situation
& focus on that.
I've decided I'm going to start playing,
Don't you hate when everything is going along just perfectly & then you have to knock YOURSELF ten steps back?
When you get a major blessing & then for some reason you think that the road up ahead is clear & perfect & one thing doesn't go as planned & you can only see that & not the blessing?
When you should be on cloud nine but the smallest thing happened & for some inconceivable reason it over shadows the sun!?
& it could be the smallest little thing,
it could mean nothing at all.
But still you are back to feeling like poop.
Well today I caught myself doing that.
No more.
Lets all play the Glad Game shall we?
Let the fun commence,

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