Monday, July 19, 2010

Fruit Cleanse: Day 1

We'll today I started the fruit cleanse.
I'm excited about this cleanse!
I am doing the fruit cleanse mainly to cleanse the toxins from my body!
I've been eating so much crap lately that my body feels disgusting and weighed down.
I've felt like I had a food baby for a week or so.
After I become a vegetarian it has been so much easier to tell when my tummy is filled with crap.
Hardest thing so far:
It seems no matter how much fruit I eat I still want a pizza..
Its driving me crazy!


Sarah said...

good luck to you girl!!! not sure if i could do're definitely on the right track, though. i eat WAY too much junk! I'm a chocoholic:)

Carmella said...

i love cleanses, but yeah they can be so tough! i'm getting ready to step into a raw food cleanse for a few weeks, should be a little easier to handle...