Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dear Brooke, your mailbox is full.

Dear ankle,
I know we haven't been friends for awhile.
Ever since I started dance when I was three I seemed to have been quickly destroying you.
& there was that one time when I fell down a flight of stairs & intensely hurt you.
& then.. continued to walk on you the entire day & dance without even giving you a brake.
(later to find out I tore a ligament and was making it worse {not that I would've done anything differently if I had know, I was a bad person then.})
But in the recent past I thought we have been reconnecting.
Until this last week...
You've been giving me trouble, & I honestly don't know why...
Please cut it out.

Dear New Phone cover,
I smiled when you showed up at my doorstep this morning.
You're beautiful in all your rainbow sparkly goodness.

Dear P90x ab ripper x,
I hate you!
But I love you!
Even though I skip though the first three ab workouts with the excessive knee in & outs.
I feel like an old women in saying this but, my knees just don't move like that anymore.

Dear Sleep,
visit me soon.

Dear Money,
Its lovely to have you in my wallet.
I'm still confused as to how you disappear so quickly.

Dear Mom,
You drive me more crazy than anyone on this Earth!
but.. I love you.

Dear Batman (my jeep),
I know you love it when 'California Girls' comes on the radio.
You're beautiful & I love you.
You have been very good lately.
for that I am thankful :)

Dear Harley,
You are the cutest thing I've ever seen.

Dear Computer,
I haven't turned you on in two days.
Today I will try one more time before I take you to the store to get you shipped back to HP to get fixed...

Dear Friends,
You are great.
You guys are there when I need someone to talk to.
When I need to spill secrets.
When I need someone to cry to, or laugh with.
I feel blessed to have every single one of you in my life.

Dear Stranger,
I met you yesterday.
& the first thing you did was diss my mom...
& my dog.
You are an idiot.
You should be happy I didn't punch you.
I'm very protective of my family.
In fact you are sleeping downstairs as I type this.
Having a 'drum' practice with pots & pans sounds pretty good right now.

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