Thursday, July 29, 2010

Belly Buttons!

After four years of wanting my belly button pierced I guess my mom finally got tired of me complaining about how much I want it & she took me to get it done.
I think it took close to two hours to actually get it done between my freak outs,
& being 'unsure'.
& for some reason even when I was actually walking back to the room I still wasn't convinced myself that I was actually going to get it.
Some small part of my actually thought I could get out of it.
But despite how painful it was!
I'm happy after all this time I got it done.

It was worth it.
{7/27/10 at 9:30pm}
& here is a picture of my cutie pie asleep on my baby blanket.
He is my heart



Shelley said...

Cool, I would be terrifyed to get my belly button peirced mainly because i don't like needles and sharp things that go through your skin. But it looks good on you! And adorable puppy! So so cute!

Kaleena J. said...

I like it!! I'm thinking about getting mine done. Hopefully next weekend...

Carmella said...

ooh the belly ring...
i got this done when i was 15 - took lots of mom convincing!
i've since moved on to tattoos, and it's a bit harder to get her on board... :)