Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I'm About To Do Something I'll Regret

Tonight is busy, & I'm not tired.
But tomorrow when I have to work from 1pm - 9pm I will HATE myself if I don't get any sleep!
But I still have to:
Finish watching this season of this show (I love that they put shows on DVD, who's idea was that? I love them)
Finish crocheting TWO hats
Finish reading "The Wedding"
Blog (on more than just this blog)
Write in my diary which I have BADLY neglected
Charge my camera
Finish writing my sermon for Thursday (find something to write it about)
Do my work out video
Find some cool collage/ display idea for these encouraging note cards the people at church gave me :)
Well it doesn't seem like that much when I put it all together but when I think about the work that goes into each bit of it...
except the watching TV part,
that isn't so bad hahaha

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