Monday, April 19, 2010

Facebook junkies

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Today I got bored
(don't ask me how someone who has SO much they SHOULD be doing can get bored, but leave it to me to find a way)
in result of this boredom I made one of those fan pages on Facebook,
the ones that say things like "Hollister, your a store, not a maze. Turn your lights on!"

(that's one of my personal favorites)
or "I remember when __ and __ sitting in a tree KISSING was the biggest diss".
Do you remember that? haha. Those were the days.
Well I have a bit of an addiction to these pages and
I wanted to find one of these fan pages for girls who wanted to be a Princess or Ballerina when they grew up, but unfortunately couldn't find one,
so I made one
become a fan of it

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